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 Chad´s small fighting walktrought

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PostSubject: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:19 pm

Hey all.

I have seen some ppl needs help with fighting.

So i write now a small guide about it.(Its all my personal opinion...I dont say im always right or its the best way to do it but it works well for me)

1. Intro
2. Tactics
3. Bosses
4. How to max fast skills (atk and def)

1.0 First my opinion about def.

The standard belief is: only armor def will lower the damage.
And Hero stats helps only to hit.
I cant believe it.. I played a long time already...fighted alot against almost everything.
And im sure i can prove thats hero def, comp def, talisman and vial helps too to avoid damage.
The best example is Wyvernus.. after getting my dom/odi harnois i got always a very high damage. It was impossible to survive 2 hits at the same spot (i had a low Hero def, untrained comps and only a 3,3 emp to this time)

But now..its possible to survive 2 hits!
Still wearing the same armor but my hero stats improved alot^^ Wearing a +5 emp now and my comps are much better too.
Of course..the main def comes from the armor..but thats not all.

I know alot high player with the same experience..so im not alone anymore ;P (had alot fights and discussions in the past about it)

And even if im wrong..its never false to raise all stats ^^
Higher def means a better dodge too..its possible to get almost invissible for some enemys.
I can farm already elisime for a long time without using a single vial.

2.0 Some standart fighting and farming tactics

2.1)NEVER..realy never farm a dungeon with 0 Energy.
You cant run away anymore without energy.
And if you ever was meeting a ruiner in elisime with 0 energy you know what i mean >.<
Some fights are not worth to risk a complete whipeout. Its better run away and loose a few
energy instead of loosing your whole team and 30 energie.

2.2)The next points are land stats..i have seen so much ppl run around dungeons with totally useless clothes.
Land stats helps to HIT.
You should try to wear always the right clothing set for different dungeons.
So its the best to get fast a good Urban and Cave set. Its easy to get some huberian(cave) or silk(urban) parts to start with.
The same for companions..if you have space, take a companion with high land stats.
It looks maybe not important but a single miss can make the difference about dead or life.

Its a huge help for bosses too.
Wyvern and Watchmaker are very hard to hit at start.. But a nice set and a good companion
will make the fight alot easier. Try it! use a goat for Wyvern(mountain) or a diplomat for WM(Urban) and you will see the difference.

2.3)So we come to the next point..Companions^^
No need to talk now about def and atk..or the best team. Thats to much for now but you should know : Not only your Fighters are important!
Try to use your backup comps to raise some stats.
Like land or def.

2.4)Another important point is the order of your comps.
Your comp with the lowest def should get ALWAYS the first spot(thats for sure your Boarserker later).
Here are some reasons to do it:

A) A regular enemy without any skill will always attack your hero.
BUT only the first 3 enemys from a mob can do that. All other enemys will attack your first companion.
So..if you def now you first companion..all mobs will hit you !

B) Later ingame you will meet some monster and bosses with skills
One realy anoying skill is intelligence. A monster with this skill will always attack your team member with the lowest def.

I believe its already clear now why your lowest def companion should stay at spot 1 now.
You can handle every situation now. Your main can def everything if he defs this comp now..and all other comps will be safe too.

INFO : the def stance can totally destroy this system.
He ads a 30 % def bonus (i dont know the exactly formular, i hate formulars! I just play^^) So if you have a comp with 22 22 22 def and another one with 25 25 25, normaly would a intelligence mob attack the 22 def one. But if the 22 def comp is in defence stance..and the 25 one attacks..the int mob will attack the attacker first.

Well..on the other side..thats again a reason to tank only with your main in common fights. But its a problem with Boss fights.
So get fast a Boar for bosses (he will be always the lowest defer..even in def mode ;P)

3.0 Bosses

Okay..heres my tactic against strong enemys and bosses

My goal is always to survive with all my companions(i believe everyone does the same)
I rotate my tanks to spread out the damage to all my partymembers.
Some bosses have a vigor skill..he adds a damage bonus to his attack.
This skill is the only way to 1 hit your comps and you. Enemys without this skill CANT kill you or your comps with 1 hit.
Hes realy dangerous. You will need a few fights maybe to see if your Main can survive him always..If he cant survive it : never tank with your main !

Another anoying skill is Intelligence. The Boss will always attack your companion with the lowest def (should be comp number 1)

Again..thats only my personal tactic. Heres maybe a better one but never found any.
(the game is a bit simple..so is here not realy much to try ;P)

My standart group. You dont have to use the same group of course^^ the numbers are important now. And you see the Boar got spot 1 because of his low def.

I try now to explain the rotation..hopefully its understandable

The following scheme works only if the boss has INTELLIGENCE !
If not..def allways you main instead of comp Number 1.

1-2 round: def comp 1 with main and attack with comp 1, 2 and 3
Heres a low risk to to loose you main if he has low def. But its the best way sometimes to protect your comps against vigor ! Its worth the risk. A low def main should only tank the first round of course. And you can skip this step if you cant survive his vigor^^

3 round: def comp 1 with comp 2 and attack with main, comp 1 and 3
4 round: def comp 1 with comp 3 and attack with main, comp 1 and 2
5 round: def comp 1 with comp 4 and attack with main, comp 1 and 2
6 round: attack with main, comp 1 and 2 (or switch with comp 1 to def stance and attack with another comp if the boss has still the vigor skill)

to this point every comp will be wounded and its possible to loose one at the next round.
So start the same scheme again but use first the comps with the lowest atk to tank with.
So you can still do the best damage.

4. leveling skills

First a few Basics.

Your main can choose which atk he want to use!
To do it you will need 3 different weapons with only 1 atk on it.
One with pierce, one with slash and 1 with blunt.
Weapons with more then 1 stat are useless or much harder to handle for skill training.
And the best weapons ingame have only 1 stat.(Bow, Saber and Scepter mace)

So if you wear now only a Blunt weapon, you will always attack with blunt.
Doesnt matter if your effective skill from slash or pierce is much higher.

Another important point is:
You can increase your personal skill (or you comp skill) up to +5 from the difficulty.
So if the enemy has pierce attack 45 you can train pierce def up to 50.
If he has 35 Slash def you can train slash attack up to 40.

Thats all you need to know to train your skill efficient.

First Def:

The best way to raise def is the Arena.
I know..its anoying to find a partner..and its boring like hell but its the fastest way.
You can stay here for a long timg without using vials.

But..its almost not worth to start a special training or use the arena until you start boss farming. And most comps are not worth to train them. You will switch them alot till endgame. Only comps like Chimera, Rowan, Wyvern, Golem, Vulu and so on are realy worth it.
(And only to get more hero bonus from them! your comps will never be good tanks -.-
Only 2 health bars and low max defs compared with your hero def)

To train a bear or such a comps costs only time and nerves^^

The only point to use it at low lvl is to train your hero def if you want to wear a higher armor.


The arena can help here too.. you can raise your attack realy fast with some nice enemys.
Up to 73 pierce attack gainst a full trained chimera is possible..but hard to find such a partner. And you can train your attack while farming dungeons till some point.

And here again..train your comps at the arena for attack is useless..
They can lvl atk realy fast while farming.

if you reach ~65-70 you should train with bosses. (its possible to start much earlier of course...)

The best way to do it is: use always only 1 weapon against them
Use Pierce against Watchmaker, Slash against Wyvernus, Blunt against Crodor and so one.
You miss alot potential if you use always all 3 weapons.

This is an example of the game taking the most effective weapon automatically:
If the hero has an offense of: 20 (blunt) - 20 (slashing) - 25 (piercing).
The monster defense is: 15 (blunt) - 10 (slashing) - 30 (piercing).
The hero will use the slashing offense because this offers the best advantage!
In this case, the hero only has 5 more blunt points against 10 more slashing points.

Thats great for normal fights..but its realy bad to train skills.

I dont want to use my +66 bow against wyvern..i cant train my pierce anymore on them.
I want to train slash atk..so its important to wear only my saber !

Its possible to reach up to 96 hero atk diciple And pierce atk against a watchmaker.
nd Blunt to 88.
You can train up to 90 slash on Wyvernus.
One realy easy boss to train for a long time is the Watcher statue (town square)
Possible to reach pierce 87 and he has a low atk compared with wm and wyvern.

Here are much more you can use for traing of course..
You can check all stats here: Boss list

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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:41 pm

This is really useful. I learned a lot.

I sometimes find I get used to fighting only 2 or 3 enemies and forget to defend my companions when 4 come along. Being forgetful like me is the only reason I can think if why having better def stats in first spot

But I guess if you get into the habit of always defending your 1st companion it becomes easy
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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:23 pm

Okay..its done..hopefully its clear..sry for my bad english^^

It would be nice to get some replys, tips and questions.
I will add all important things in future..im sure i forgot the half stuff Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:00 pm

Very important things here!
Thank Chad!

(for the record, after 8 months playing the game, I also learned a few useful things here. Always a noob at his game...)
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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:13 pm

The Watcher statue (town square) was some great advice
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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:43 pm

Great info. I too believe that defense skill helps. I know it does! I have seen my damage drop as I improve defense in Elisime without any change in armor.

Now since defense skill helps, and it's probably effective defense skill that helps, my question is: are we putting enough emphasis on defensive companions? Your effective defensive skills are calculated using the 4-3-2-1 rule, so one companion with high defensive skills would seem to be desirable, not to actively defend but to add to the defensive skill of your hero.

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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:03 pm

Thanks... so my work was not useless^^

@ Teeka . Yes..the def bonus from comps helps alot. But not realy needed till you reach the end game content.

I have seen alot ppl loosed the interrest at the arena ..so why waste your time for low comps^^
And for hero def you need only 3 stats trained on comps.

I train only chimeras pierce and slash def, vulufangs blunt def for my hero.

a better def on comps will help maybe to def in dungeons..but i never use my comps to tank with(dungeons). And a comp will never get enough def for bosses.
thats why i dont waste my time now to train all def stats on them.
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PostSubject: Re: Chad´s small fighting walktrought   

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Chad´s small fighting walktrought
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