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 Guide on Runes

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PostSubject: Guide on Runes   Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:56 pm


Runic tools are the next big thing in game. They give some superb boost at our skills, increasing the effective number and giving new crafting opportunities like wingu stuff, glacin pots etc.

It is considered the end stuff at the moment and it is needs much time and organization. Let’s cover the basics here.

The runic tools need to be created inside a temple. They require the usual mats for the non-runic tool and some active rune. Making the temples is a guild job, so no need to discuss it anymore on this guide.
So the basic difficulty is acquiring the runes (the active ones).

The runes come in two ways. Dead ones and active ones. We get a few active ones from the Nostria quests and that’s all. We have to craft the rest.
Activating a rune:
A dead run can be activated into an active one inside a building named Porch. The recipe for the porch can be bought after you get to Soriason 40 reputation. To build the Porch you also need another special item called Yggdracin (recipe found from the 1000 runics festival).
A dead rune is of a certain skill (30s, 40s, 60s, 70s, 80s so far found). It will produce an active rune of same skill as well. To activate it we also need fragments.  30 fragments are required per activation. The fragments are of certain runic resistance. They work like the fuel, beating the runic resistance of the dead rune.

From some game forum threads we have the info (not tested) that in order to activate up to 60 level runes you need:
A porch with 51 lvl bookcase (salacedar or azulio planks) and a 30 lvl yggdracin (normal mats required).
New Archeology guy T4 (5K pearls + 3.5K gold).

To activate lvl 30 or 40 runes easier combos can be used but it is suggested to go for the best from the beginning and work your way to new Arhceo comp

To activate runes above lvl 60 it is at the moment not possible.

Runic Recipes can be found at a few places at Norstria but they require the 40 family reputation check. Each family unlocks some of the recipes. A player that wished to unlock them all needs to get to 40 to each of the families.
Also, if someone wants to work on Runic Herbalism, he will need horns. They are the equivalent of vials. The recipe for horns is found in a shop at Halmvik, locked by 40 Aristocracy reputation. So, if someone is interested to do become a runic herbalist, he will need to work on this too (prepare some high Aristocracy clothes and recruit a Hipporiel). Or you can simply ask me and I will send you some horns Smile

We won't discuss more thoroughly the procedure to craft runic tools using those recipes since it belonsg to another chapter. All you need to know at the moment is that you will have to unlock them all through the reputation system.

So, someone reading these will already have seen some new mats he will need.
Dead runes, runic fragments, some new recipes etc. Where do we collect them? What should be our strategy?

Lupurtant Forest daily job
The easiest way to start collecting runic stuff is doing the daily job at Lupurtant Forest. After completing a certain quest (details on Chadriliu’s thread on Nostria walkthough), you will be able to do that daily task (20 hours CD) that is only 15 mins long and provides frags and runes (and coins). It is a gift of the dev team to us, to let us start collecting them soon before building any digging sites. Everyone should do it as soon as they can finish the appropriate task. It requires some high forest (50), but nothing unapproachable. If you have n Alt on Nostria, finish the quest for him too! It will be 2 collections per day!

Gathering Runic Arficacts
The runic artifacts (archeology 40 required) are the main way to gather runic stuff. After identifying them, you may get dead runes or fragments. It is a time consuming process. Optimally, a dedicated alt with a digging site on Starfield and 4 comps on it is the best way. The digging site on Starfield has been thoroughly described by Barracuda on our guild sheets. If you haven’t checked it already, do it! Even if you don’t have a Nostria alt to dig there, the main can provide two spaces on Cerry and Polymath which will provide a steady amount of artifacts every day.

Reputations (family ones, like Soriason)
They are the key to unlock all runic recipes. What is more, the Soriason will give you access to the Porch recipe which is required to activate runes. You will need 40 for each reputation to unlock their respective recipes.
Soriason needs coins. They can be acquired by doing the daily lupurtant and also by digging for runic artifacts with the hero (the comps passive doesn’t produce any coins)
Vinnerson needs dice. They can be acquired by Halmvik trade and rarely from Luputant as well.
Jotungar need wyvern blood. It comes from killing wyverns at the lower depths. 1-1:30 hour fighting there can give you the 10 required every time. Other places drop wyvern bloods too (like some Dragon Jaw mobs), but ther are much rarer.
Calerons need criminal pacts. They can be gathered from a task on Lower Depths.

Especially for Calerons/Vinnersons you can get an alternative way to collect their items. At the end of Soriason quest line, you can choose which representative to save. Depending on your choice, Caleron or Vinnerson will become much easier to finish. It probably is better to go for Vinnersons, since the dice can only be found from trade which is not very time consuming.

All reps need 40. You start from around 25 after doing the quests on Nostria, which means you need 15 more for each family. They have Cooldown, that means only every 4(or 5 for vinnerson/caleron) days you can get one point. So even if you get all mats today, you will need 2 months to finish, or spend a lot of BCs to kill the CDs…

Getting the reps quickly is very important. I cannot stress it enough. Without them, you will not be able to activate runes and craft runic tools. Start working on them ASAP.

Get the new Archeo Comp
As already told, he requires 5K pearls and 3,5K gold. That’s a lot of pearls. A samponar is useful. It is a machine put on a new building, a Telluric Sanctuary that lets the hero collect pearls. The best position to put the Telluric is at Den. It requires 4 Lanferum and 4 Marapis Domes. The samponar  can be crafted using various mats. A 50 machine gives 14-29 pearls per 70 minutes. You can easily harvest 400-500 pearls per day, plus a little of Library an you have the 5K in one week. The gold can come from Elisime or Ice lab runs and you are ready to train your new Archeo Comp to be able to eventually activate lvl 60 runes.
That step is  not very urgent, it is mostly for the more advanced players, but keep in mind that you will eventually do it as well…

Build your porch
As already mentioned, the porch will be needed to activate your dead runes. It is not mandatory, meaning that you can get active runes from guildmates, but if someone seeks completion, he should go for the porch building as well.
Requirement is the 40 Soriason rep of course, plus the Yggradin recipe.
The Yggradin recipe comes from the guild festival of 1000 runes.

Anyone wanting to get his or her hands on high end stuff need to start working asap.
This guide is not for everyone. But players able to finish at least one quest line of Nostria should consider starting to work on the above guidelines soon!
A few players here have already started early on runics and have already opened the way (fish festival and working on 1000 runics festival). It is now the responsibility of each player to prepare to join the effort.

Finish nostria questlines to get a concession
Do your daily lupurtant forest
Build your digging site. Put cerry and Polymath on it and forget them

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PostSubject: Re: Guide on Runes   Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:20 pm

Another nice guide. cheers

You do a great job with your guides. You act almost like a teacher clown
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Guide on Runes
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