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 Engineering runic recipes

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PostSubject: Engineering runic recipes   Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:29 pm

Salandrin+Nocturial(skill 78)
+70 with Psy watchfull
+69 with almost all latent and watchfull runes except Ethe and Psy

Knod+Azulio (Skill 73)
+54 with Mag intense, Psy watchfull and Lith watchfull
+52 with almost all other runes

Blueroc+Lansferum (Skill 69)
+50 with Frim watchfull
Galandor+Lansferum (Skill 75)
+51 with Frim watchfull
Galandor+Lansferum (Skill 75)
+52 with Eli watchfull
Kroc+Lansferum (Skill 75)
+53 with Stra watchfull
Kroc-Volriziar (Skill 84)
+61 with Frim watchfull, not possible yet but a regular one could be possible in few(+59)
Galandor+Volriziar (Skill 84)
+62 with Stra, Frim, Eli watchfull, same problem

Spy Case:
Blueroc+Marapidos+Goldnester (Skill 75)
+50 with Lect watchfull
Kroc+Marapidos+Goldnester (Skill 75)
+51 with Lect watchfull
Kroc+Volriziar+Goldnester (Skill 84)
+62 with Eli watchfull, again impossible to craft a superior one^^

Wingu is atm totally impossible to use. Skill 89 needed to make superior.

Volriziar+Any meta-ingot (Skill 84)
+69 with Stra watchfull, shall i realy say it again?^^

All other combinations are not worth to waste a rune.
Regular Stills with Volriziar will be better.
And ppl who can get runes should have Volz.

Volriziar+Kroc (Skill 84)
+66 with Stra watchfull
Volriziar+Blueroc (Skill 84)
+65 with all runes except Lect, only regular ones..blabla

Same like Stills, the other combinations dont help much.
The only reason to use them is maybe to safe a Volz.
But again..any regular Volz compass will be better.
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Engineering runic recipes
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