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 From Start to Volcanite

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PostSubject: From Start to Volcanite   Wed May 13, 2015 11:09 pm


A rough guide how to quickly make a new character complete the Den quests and thus gain his 2 volcanites and 2 volriziars.

The guide is not detailed, since I did not write it step by step while moving a toon to Den, but it’s what I remember from by heart.

Also the guide assumes that you have access to a lot of high end stuff like huberian/wingu clothes, rings, tools, pot that will aid the toon to bypass easily skill checks.


A very nice guide exists on forums about how to move a new toon to Lanfar. I will not repeat much here, just sketch what is needed:

> Recruit 2 Guards
> Learn Fauna/Taming
> Work your way to tame a Bear (Hare > Doe > Auroch > Bear)
> Get some leather armor from NPC
> Complete Mushroom Cave
> Complete Serwin tower
> Get Yraen Quest, explore the cabin, enter and finish it. Get Yraen
> Accept Landel quest
> Go to Landel Island explore the three places, clear the dungeons
(you don’t need to fight your way, you can flee to any hard fight you get and start over the dungeon)
> Get to Lanfar

(typical time to achieve the above is 2 days, especially to skill the taming)


Some quests are needed here to unlock the final quest that gives you Den doors location. Before doing anything though, it is best advised to get Cerry. Cerry questline needs archeology though. Also all Lanfar dungeons need a decent armor, so a little prep is required.

Go to Arena with another low level toon. Your goals are:
20-21 Blunt Offense
23 Def to all spots
Reasons? To be able to use a 35-36 blunt weapon essential to get Cerry and to be able to wear a decent armor like the Rodular one (38-38-38 except chest which is 41-41-41, but you can wear a little less at chest)
Also as mentioned learn Archeology and get the low level tool you can wear.
A few spots need to be explored to complete the quests. Essential are Maliken, Mocassin Inn, Kor Shelian’s cabin, Torten Camp
2 Squires are needed. So, a Lanfar Inn is needed. But hey, you got an alt chain providing all mats! You can make an Inn in less that a day! Only clearing space and working on recruiting is needed.

>Recruit Cerry
When you are ready, wear the armor and the hammer, use a scorpidus or emperator, take 31/6 healing, drink a coord pot and do the Cerry questline (starts at Mocassin Inn). Cerry’s figting tactics have been wonderfully covered by a guide found at game forum

>Dreamy Clearing
From Enorwen trading post, you get Missing Merchant quest. Do it, then follow quests at Torten Camp and Kor Shelian’s cabin to reveal Dreamy Clearing. The dungeon is not harder that Dowen, so don’t hesitate to enter without further training. Cerry is a killer machine at that stage, she helps a lot.

>Elisime Ruins
After clearing the Dreamy Clearing, you return to Torten camp and get the last quest needed to unlock Den. You need to explore many locations at the Huntiwood Forest (35 Explo) so, do it and the do some questings there that will eventually put Elisime on the map.
Now Elisime is hard. You may get a lot of times mutilated. Getting to B1 van be tricky. I managed to do it without any fight on 3 toons. Just flee and enter until you get it, it takes patience. After that, the troglo path is easier and can skill your toon quiet nicely. The monster is a bit hard but manageable, and finally the Abomination is a medium monster too. When you clear Elisime, return to Huntingwood for one last fight with hard Igmara and Den Doors is yours!

Congratulations! You did it in just three days (space clearing and squire recruiting took the most time)! Ok, you spent 3 phoenixes and had to fully rest 3 times, but you are at Den!


Some people stop at last step. Unlocking Den may be the only thing required (eg for a krya miner) but the benefits of completing Den are very good. Remember, 2 volcanites and 2 volriziars are waiting!
Den quests require no fighting at all (except the random Den mobs) but some high skills. Mostly you will need Exploration, Leadership and Spying.
Spying? Yes you need to learn it. It has already been unlocked so, go to Hawkoria and learn it. Besides this you probably wont need any other training preparation.

A few places are needed to complete the quests.
Sahod’s Oasis
Occult Meeting + Battlefield
Windthrows at Huntingwood
Bandit’s Camp
Borzem Camp
Town Square - this one requires to do the Avidel and Brech Championships. Do them then go to Teasan to unlock the start of Bad neighbors that will put first spot on map. From first spot somewhere in the dungeon ( left room after you enter) you get the locations of all other places including Town Square

Also, after learning spying, do some spying jobs at Maliken. Get 4 commercial, 2 academic, 2 military and 2 criminal favors.

When all is done you are ready to explore.
Wear your super clothes (wingu could be best) and your rings and you will be able to explore the 35 Cave Den without a Varanus. You will die a lot there. Don’t worry just explore mutilated. It will take around 5hours total.

Now you need to complete quests to get 16 recommendation letters.
The easiest way to do them is to finish the quests:
A worrying uncertainty
Recommendation form Naim – 40 chande logs
Naims fiancé – you need occult meeting spot for that easy quest
3 Fain quests
Fain finishing
Saskia questline - Follow Gaspard

Fain 3rd quest requires the favors but also at the end when you get the location of Luxuriant Estate, you can finish the quest differently and get a nice kdel dagger which you can recycle for a possible kdel ingot. To do it you need to get to TownSquare – The Hut and do the option there.

So, after a lot of questing (which will require leadership 42 among others, so a good tabard is needed as well), the 16 letter will drop and you can go to Ducal Place and grab the Den Treasures.

After that you can get as far from den as possible and never return!

The Den preparing and questing will take an additional 2 days.

So a total of 7 days is required to move a new toon to Den!
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PostSubject: Re: From Start to Volcanite   Thu May 14, 2015 4:38 pm

Great guide. But 1 Tip. If you have some money to start with, you can easy skip bears and taming.
Build asap a simple shelter with npc mats in hawkoria plains and recruit captains.
With a nice ring vial and tabard is that realy easy.

Thats the first thing i do with a new alt. and saves some time.
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PostSubject: Re: From Start to Volcanite   Thu May 14, 2015 5:33 pm

Yes its another option to avoid taming which is really not needed anywhere...
Still, I think that alt wil eventually need at least one animal comp, so it's prefferable to do it early I believe
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PostSubject: Re: From Start to Volcanite   Fri Dec 18, 2015 5:23 pm

Getting Gaspard requires taming at the end.

42 lead is quite hard to get without recruiting a T3 which takes some time, but the alternative is recruiting extra squires to max that out, and is useless time.

spying target is about 23 hero to use a 38 spycase (blue/mara/silk) to get the 35 effective needed for burglars camp.

the fight at town square for the fain quest is VERY hard with an unleveled gaspard and cerry and a partially-leveled yraen.  there are 6 mobs and they don't do a lot of damage, but they take a long time to kill.  you end up like being nibbled to death by cats.

you'll need the location of formore arena to do the fain quests. there is no quest to give you that location like the first 2 arenas. you need to explore the hills of 7 mirrors to find it. you do NOT need to do bad neighbors to get it (though if you want a boar eventually you'll need bad neighbors for that)
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PostSubject: Re: From Start to Volcanite   

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From Start to Volcanite
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