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 Max Jewelry

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PostSubject: Max Jewelry   Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:51 am

I think this is the best possible set of jewelry available today

It requires some expensive mats, in most cases an extra 0.1 or 0.2 won't make much difference.

But if you want the best possible, this is how you can do it using the "Cheapest" mats

The expensive components are

  • 2 Volcanite Shocked
  • 2 Volriziar
  • 1 Demonic
  • 2 Galandor

Make 6 pieces of Jewelry

  • Spirit Stone: Xuran, Kryamane, SalanCedar
  • Spirit Stone: Lithosnow, Oceanite, Galandor
  • Deep Stone: Galandor; Volcanite, Oceanite
  • Dragon's Tear: Volriziar
  • Unicorn's Tear: Demonic, Volcanite, Galandor
  • Ice Tear: Volriziar, Xuran
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Max Jewelry
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