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 Boss list and dances

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PostSubject: Boss list and dances   Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:19 am

Here is a list of all bosses
The list is a copy from Leskas tread !! not my work

Name - place where to find the boss - place where to find the dance or tip

Albino Snake - Mushroom Cave - Outside Mushroom Cave
Red Wolf - Orogoi Forest - Maliken Pen
Gargkul Monstrinus - Garrungol Cave - Maliken Pen
Blacktop - Y Spot in Howling Swamp (61,232) - Hunters' and Fishers' Cabin
Sea Prowler - Wreckage of the Rotarian - Praen's Farm
Crodor - Maliken's Forest Shelter - Maliken Pen
Royal Goat - The Plank - The Moccasin Inn
Araknidras - Spiders Nest - Spiders Nest
White Catoblepas - Sacred Mine - Sheros Community
Scorpidus - Old Castle in ruins - Kor Shelian's cabin
Higrann - Tarsnith - outside Tarsnith
Hipporiel - Spy's estate - Enorwen's Trading post
Wyvernus - Beast's Nest - Luxuriant Estate
Mimicon - Haunted hamlet - Sahod's oasis
Silver Snout - Ancients' Cemetery - Harshduel Ruins
George and Georgina - Town Square - finish memoirs of a butler
Watchmaker - Library in Ruins - Sheros Community
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Boss list and dances
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