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 Wyvern taming

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PostSubject: Wyvern taming   Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:44 pm

A Guide to Recruit the Wyvern

The Wyvern is one of the best companions of the game, having the second best offense after Boar plus consuming Ferocity instead of Defiance. That means that we may have some T4 crafters on team and still have room for Wyvern to kill the occasional mob, but most importantly, it makes a new terrific team with: Boar, Wyvern, Rowan/Chimera as your front line to attack the bosses. As a plus, the procedure to tame one requires to tame the Vulufang who can become the 4th part of your squad, providing some nice Defense boost.

Let us see the necessary steps to tame him then!

Part 1: Materials used
Wyvern needs:
400 wild boar meat
400 bovine meat
400 bear meat
400 cervid meat
400 barkhein meat
200 catoblepas meat

Some of the meat above is easy enough (bovine-cervid), some is medium (wild boar, barkhein, bear) and there is  hard one getting the cato meat.
>Acquiring the Catoblepas meat
Catoblepas meat comes of course from butchering catoblepas bodies. Those bodies drop at a few dungeons (mostly Ice lab at the lizards, but possible at Elisime as well). Probably you have already around 10 bodies from your dungeons runs. Unfortunately, 10 is far from enough. You will need around 140, since it gives 1.5 meat per body.
The best way to get those is to hunt them at the catoblepas Valley (Ren mountains). The job is 37mins long at 20% and requires 45 hunting and 45 mountain. You will need many hours to get the bodies needed. One second way to get the bodies needed is through trade from players that have already acquired Wyvern or those that are not interested. Each body may cost up to 10g with current market prices.
>Butchering the Cato bodies
Apart from being hard to get the bodies, it is also hard to butcher them. They require 15 sandrietta petals, 10 lignite and 6 blades each. Furthermore the mechanical resistance is hard to beat. So, some preparation is needed again. First collect around 2000 sandriettas and 1500 lignite. This should be done of course with alts, both mats are easy to get. Then you need a 50 Sair idol and a 5.0 Sair talisman. Also you will need a T3 companion with 10 mechanical strength (e.g. the Fauna T3). Finally you need to craft around 900 HQ steel blades (they give the required 26 resistance). With the above setup you will be able to butcher the cato bodies. Of course it can only be done at the guild factory which has a good mill.
Summary: ±2000 sandrietta petals, ±1500 lignite, ± 900 HQ steel blades, 50 sair Idol, 5.0 Sair Talisman, T3 comp with 10 mech strength, ±140 cato bodies.

Vulufang needs
12 Frizifrets
60 dead Skvaders

The  Frizifrets drop from all nostria bosses but more often at the albino wyverns of the Depths. They can also be traded at Halmvik and Eufelburg. Of course the option to buy them from players is valid and now it is easier to get them than a few weeks ago, when their price was sky rock at 200g each. Using botany to collect them is not recommended
The dead Skvaders are not hard at all, they can be hunted at Starfield (29 skill required).

Part 2: Taming skill required
Wyvern needs Taming 60 and Forest 45
Vulufang needs Taming 54 and Forest 45

Best available pot for taming gives 6.0. So to get to Taming 60 you need 54 effective. The best tool is a nocturnal whip, which is essential and not that hard to get, needing just 2 nocturnal leathers, easy job for a Wyvern killer (not that one, the boss). But even if you don’t have the chance to get 2 leathers, there is a guild nocturnal whip, or even if that is not available, many players can lend them yours. Also, best jewel is 4.7 for taming. If you don’t have it, buy one…

Raising Taming
There are two ways to complete the Wyvern taming project.
a) with Hipporiel
b) without

The best way is in my opinion to go through Hipporiel because it will be much easier to get the taming required and you will get that comp too, which will help later in other quests (eg for his swamp at Tarasquan), or with his flying abilities.
The drawback is that you need to get one more eliandel wing plus 2K (or even more) pearls.

Option A with Hipporiel
You will first need to get your wings. It requires an eliandel wing, gold wings and domane feathers. In total it needs:
Flora gold wing
Fauna gold wing
Search gold wing
2 Domane Feathers
Eliandel wing (Protector of Land)

The gold wings we don’t need to discuss them. The 2 Domanes have 3 options: 50 hunting, 50 taming and 50 botany. If you are like me and have low botany, the only other solutions are the two fauna options. The drawback with Taming is that it needs to tame an imperial eagle (which is a totally useless comp) and this takes a lot of time. But on the other hand, those two feathers will also give you some good chance to increase the stats since they are 7hrs and can train you up to 55 each.
All these require some time to prepare and execute but nothing really hard. Of course immediately after acquiring your fauna gold wing, you should recruit a Predator who will be your step towards reaching higher Taming and Hunting skills and get the desired eli wing.
As soon as you have the eliandel wing and the pearls go get the Hippo and  immediately balm his taming (what? You don’t have an academy yet???). It can be balmed up to 43 base.

After recruiting Hippo, he needs some training. The best way is to do it like this:
1) If you don’t have all the bonds and are interested in them, do them in an increasing skill order. Probably by the time you have finished you and comp will have around 48 skill on fauna and taming.
2) If you don’t want to do the bonds or have already performed them but not with Hippo with you, you need to work at Maliken Pen (the new jobs with 40 taming), until you reach around 44 (since the last point may take a while to drop, you may skip it)
3) Then you perform the Scrorpidus Bond 1-2 times more to reach around the desirable 48.
So far you probably have the following stats:
Hero 48, Hippo 48 and Effective 49.9, unpotted. Now it is time to work on your Vulufang. You need 54 effective (to reach 60 potted), which means 55.5 on Hero and 55 on Hippo. That means you need 7-8 skillups from Vulufang taming on each of the three stats (fauna, taming, hippo), out of 12 total efforts. If after finishing Vulufang, you still miss 1-2 points, you may need to do a few more vulufang cycles.

Option B with T3 fauna
The T3 fauna has a max of 48 as compared to 58 with Hipporiel. That may be a little hard to overcome. The first part that was described above with Hipporiel, still works here too. You will need to get to 48/48 for both you and your companion, which will put you in vulufang’s radius.
Unfortunately your Predator has maxed now and your hero will need 59.5 fauna/taming to get your effective to 54.
Vulufang taming will only get you to 59 (with much effort indeed, the last points will not drop easily). The extra 0.5 point must come from Fauna, using the Hunting skill. Butchering Chimeras (56 skill) or doing Complex Crodor Trophys (57 skill) will do the job.
It may seem like it is easier than messing with all the eliandel wing stuff required by the Hippo, but keep in mind the eliandel wing will also open the way to StoneSage, if you’re after Herbalism or Alchemy.

Either way, the long project of working on you taming will end and you will get the 54 effective and then using the 6.0 pots you may start taming your Wyvern.
It is a 40 cycle job of 1h23m each, so it will take some time to tame it!

During your taming pray to the Therian gods to give you a good slashing offense base for your Wyvern!
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PostSubject: Re: Wyvern taming   Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:15 pm

Great guide ! thanks alot for writting it fingon cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Wyvern taming   Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:14 pm

fantastic guide - I am long way away from being able to do this but it's really going to help with planning


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PostSubject: Re: Wyvern taming   

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Wyvern taming
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